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ERP Software Singapore

ERP is also known as Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is an effective solution to integrates all the essential processes across the Business Functions of the entire business. It connects all the various functions of the business into one complete system to streamline the operational processes and provide information across the entire organisation. The business processes varied largely according to the business industries. The ERP software integrates those common modules like accounting, inventory with the rest of modules like project management.

ERP System Examples

ERP Software for SME

ERP Software for SME aims to provide a total solution to integrate the operating processes and technology at the workplace of SME. Align with the government initiative to encourage SMEs to go digital, there are increasing effort for the software providers to provide  ERP solutions for small businesses at an affordable price. IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) has pre-approved some of the pre-scoped software solutions to help to develop the company into progressive organisations through the transformation at the workplace. Qualified SMEs may entitle to PSG grant. We are happy to provide a free advisory service on getting the ERP Software with PSG grant.

System Upgrade

Don’t limit to your business to your current software if you need to upgrade to ERP System. We have ERP software solutions to integrate to your current software MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Moneyworks and Autocount without changing your core system.

Functional Modules of ERP Software

These are some examples of the basic modules of the ERP system., the functions and features may vary from different vendors. ERP system for small business normally provides standard ERP modules with add-on modules to ease the implementation and reduce the cost. Whereas, ERP system for a bigger organisation is commonly customised accordingly to their business environment.


Financial Management System is the heart of the ERP system. All the sub-modules are integrated into the Financial Management to produce the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and all the other financial Reports. Fixed Asset Module provides tracking of the Fixed Assets by location and auto-posting of monthly depreciation.


Inventory Management Module tracks the movement of inventory and provides the stock level and stock valuation reports. Some of the software will allow for multi-warehouse management. If you need to track the inventory by Rack, Bin and Shelf and mobile receipt, you may need to have a Warehouse Management System.



Sales Management Module provides a complete cycle from the Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Delivery Order and Sales Invoibybyce to record all the sales transaction by the salesman, by product etc. CRM Software Module manages your customers and sales opportunities and tracks the orders and quotation.


Procurement Management System manages the purchasing process from purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipt note and purchase invoice. Material Planning System is normally required by the manufacturing plant.


Project Management Module is designed to help companies to keep track of project cost and profitability. It is commonly used in the Construction and Marine industries.


Human Resource Management System manage payroll, CPF report, e-claims and e-leaves. HRM for manufacturing company will include overtime and man-hours computation for production.

Types of ERP Systems

There is a wide range of ERP systems provided by different vendors. Not all the ERP solutions are created alike. There are different ERP solutions for different size and type of industries. The scope and price range varies according to the organisation niche and size. The type of industries can be broadly classified as follows:


Food Distribution ERP Software

Restaurant ERP Software

Marine ERP Software

Professional Services ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software

Oil & Gas ERP Software

Retail & eCommerce ERP Software

Engineering ERP Software


Education ERP Software

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ERP software is a significant investment in an organisation in term of monetary and human resources. Choosing a right ERP software to automate your business operations and increase the competitive edge. Take advantage of the free advisory service from us now!

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