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Accounting Software Technology is progressing very fast and the new Accounting Software in Singapore has many more innovative features that enable the accountants and bookkeepers to accomplish their tasks more quickly. With the new internet-based tools and cloud technology, there are many types and affordable online accounting software for small businesses. The changing technology also changes the ways we work traditionally. A good accounting system will bring a lot of benefits to business owners and key management. They will be able to access more accurate and timely information. Depending on the type of the software the organization has chosen, it is possible for the owner to view and manage the sales and cash position when they are on the move. The salesperson can conclude sales through mobile phone and information are immediately updated in the back-end system.

The key point here is how to get the best accounting software for your organization? When you are searching online, there is a full list of accounting software available in the market with different price range and features. Some of them even offer free accounting software or free payroll software. Each of the accounting software is offering very attractive features and functions that you may question yourself which one to choose?

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Why it is important to get the Best Accounting Software for your business?

The Best Accounting software will set the framework for the business operating and control processes as well as managing the financial information on a timely basis. It should automate most of the manual functions and increase the productivity of the organization. Once the organization has set up an accounting system with the new accounting software, it shall be integrated as part of the internal process for accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory management and the operations procedure. Every business is unique and choosing the right accounting software that suits your business need is very important. The implementation process and handling of the historical data and new data will be challenging if you find the software is not suitable in the process of implementation. It is a painful and costly process to re-implement accounting software. Thus, it is vital to get it right at the beginning!

What do we do?

Software Advisory Service

As a modern accounting firm, we are keeping up-to-date about the changes and development in technology, the government initiative and grants to go digital. Our firm recognizes the new computing technology is changing every field of business of all sizes and we are providing value-added services to assist our clients and new business owners to adapt and stay ahead of the technology.

Our team of consultants are comprised of experienced accountants who are users and experienced in implementing the accounting and ERP software in the small and big corporation. We evaluated a wide range of available accounting software, payroll software and ERP software and identified a few partners that we decided to work with as we believe one of the partner solutions will likely to suit your organization needs.

There is no one solution that fits all kind of businesses. As an accounting software consultant, we will understand your business flows and needs to recommend the most suitable solutions for your organization. We will try to work within your budget and capitalize the available grants for qualifying business. We provide free first-time advisory service. Contact us to find out more.

Are you paying more?

Too good to believe that you are not pay anything extra compared with the direct pricing of the vendors because we are the authorised partners. We provide software consultancy services as a value-added service to assist you to find the best accounting software, ERP software and payroll software. You will gain from the professional advice from us in evaluating your business process and define the system requirement including the GST and tax compliance. Make an appointment with us to a free advisory service now!

Our Services

Business Process Evaluation

Our Professional Accountant will go through the business model and process with the head of finance or top management to identify the area of control and how to automate the process and reduce manpower cost and increase the efficiency. Match the requirements with the features and functionality of the individual software. Propose to the management the most suitable software to match the business needs.

Onboarding Services

Define the Chart of Accounts to align with audit and tax definition

Design and set up the master file 

Set up the Company data, logo and forms

Check and Upload the opening balance


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