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Part-time Financial Controller and Accountant

Accounting Services Provider Singapore

As a professional Accounting Services Provider in Singapore, our accounting services are not confined to the routine bookkeeping. We recognise that when the company is growing, the management will need more comprehensive management reports and statistical information to make a short-term and long-term decision. Financial Accounting provides the past record for the actual business transactions and information likes Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Whereas Management Accounting analyses and interprets the financial statements and identifies the gap to fulfil the business goals. Thus, hiring an experienced accountant or controller is the key to success. We understand that the growing business needs to balance the cost and benefits of having a high calibre person in your organisation, we provide a part-time accountant or financial controller at a fraction of the total cost.

Accountant Singapore

You may engage a freelance accountant or Part-time accountant from us to prepare the monthly management reports and perform the controlling function. Contract accountant is also available to cover the duties of your existing accountant for short-term leaves or maternity leaves. We will work the management to define the accountant duties. The main duties may include the followings:

  • Monthly consolidation of actuals
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Forecast
  • Monthly Sales and Margin Analysis
  • Cost control
  • Variance Analysis

Part Time Controller Services

If you looking for an experienced financial controller who can add value to your organisation and help in overseeing your finance department, prepare financial plan and forecast for investors with a limited budget.  We can provide a Professional Finacial Controller on a part-time or contract basis. It will be more affordable for the business to have a controller to oversee the internal control, profit margin and risk management and assist the management in decision making. The main duties of the controller may include the followings:

  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Cashflow projection and budgetary control
  • Variance and Gap Analysis and recommend corrective action
  • Monitor the financial performance and cost control
  • Assist to liaise with auditors, tax authority, lawyers and bankers
  • Prepare Business Plan for Investors

Part Time Controller and CFO Services

Why Do You Need a Controller or CFO Services?

When an organisation grows, it will need to develop and implement more formal strategic planning to improve the business. Some of the businesses are looking for fresh capital to expand their business. Engaging a Controller or CFO will ease the process of fundraising, he or she will help you with financial, operational, tax and commercial due diligence.

When do you need a Controller?


Overseeing the finance department

Monitoring the financial performance and cost control

Reviewing AR, AP and Cash Management




Overseeing the tax and statutory compliance

Liaise with auditor and tax authority


Financial & Strategy Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Forecasting

Risk Management

Review processes and implement internal control

Identify risk areas

Prevent profit leaking


Financial Reports

Business Plan and Forecasting

Meeting with Investors

Due Diligence

Business Acquisition & Business Sale

Handle Due Diligence activities


Accounting Services Singapore Price

Our fees are time-based and vary according to the job scope. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and work out a plan within your budget.


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