Internet Marketing Singapore

GET a robust website with interactive platform to generate more income for your business! It is no longer just a source of information. More can be done for your website! We provide free SEO sites and professional consultant services to kick start your internet marketing. 

Why Website is important ?

Think about Google Search! Over 80% of Singaporean are searching their needs in Google! Astar Biz connects you to be part of the Internet World! You will be searched by your potential clients every minute which will increase your business opportunity.



Investing in web development is no longer a costly investment!  From now till YA 2018, PIC benefits may be claimed on capital expenditure incurred in Website development !


The PIC scheme was introduced to encourage businesses to make productivity and innovation investments. Web development has been just included in the qualifying activities.

  • Under the Productivity and Innovation Credit(PIC) scheme, your business can enjoy:
      • 400% tax deduction / allowance and/or
      • 60% cash payout * (up to $100k per year) for your website development cost.


    • Qualifying period – up till YA 2018

    *meeting the IRAS criteria

  • Website development costs (including costs incurred for the one-time registration of a domain name for the website) from YA 2014
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